joi, 25 februarie 2010

I still can't belivie what happened today

The day started out normally with me customizing an online magazine template for our site. Suddenly I heard knocking and somebody trying to open the door (which was locked). Susspiciously I went to see who it was. Much to my surprise there were police men, a guy dresses in a fancy suit and some old people standing behind them. I opened the door and I found out the the guy in the suit for a court official serving me with an eviction notice dating TODAY. The policemen were there to knock down the door in case nobody was home and the old people were the new owners of the house.
Apparently our rented house was subject to a trial as long as 14 years between to step brothers and the one who rented us the place had just lost and "forgot" to tell us about it. The new owner wanted us out immediately, like right now, screaming in the courtyard that he waited 14 years to get his hands on this house and he's not gonna wait one hour longer.
Thank God the court official was a sane and reasonable man and to whom I could explain that we knew nothing about the trial or any of their family problems. But the old guy wouldn't stop shouting at me, so in a rush of pure panic I slammed the door in their faces and I locked it. I called my boyfriend to come home, and my parents and his parents... somehow hoping if there were more of us we would manage to overcome this situation.
And yes, stalling them until our families came was the right thing to do (one of the policemen actually congratulated me for my course of action), giving the court official time to reason with the insane old man. After a loooong discussion with our parents they decided to give us 5 days to find a new place and move out. So my thing for today was packing up my stuff.

And what shocked me the most was that one of the policemen told me that if I wouldn't have been home today they would have broken down our door, taken all our stuff into the street, changed the lock and given the keys to the new owners.Just because they gave the verdict 5 days ago and our landlord should have told us to move out.

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4 comentarii:

  1. I can't belive that things like that can happen!

  2. oauuu....ce poveste de roman! imi pare rau sa aud ce nebunii fac altii si sper ca esti ok acum. Mi s-a intamplat si mie sa vina proprietarul unei garsoniere proaspat inchiriate sa ne ceara sa ne mutam, ca nu mai e valabila garsoniera (tocmai se certase cu prietena lui), dar nimic atat de dramatic....pfuuui!!!

  3. way too many crazy people in this country! well, at least you were home.. hope you find a new place very soon!