joi, 18 februarie 2010

Chocolate pie?

Hey guys ! From now on you can call me the unluckiest person in the world... Just imagine, I got over this nasty cold just to get food poisoning :( And you know what's the worst this about food poisoning - you can't have any sweets... And, yes, I'm a sugar addict!
But now I'm better and to celebrate I tried making some chocolate. yum! It didn't turn out as hard as chocolate should be so I used it as cream for a sort-of chocolate pie.
This is what we used: 150 g of cocoa powder, 150 g butter mixed in a bowl with about 300g powdered milk (thanks to Andrei who stole that from his newborn niece). We melted 300 g of sugar in about 150 g of water and added this to the rest of the ingredients. Mixed with nuts and poured over some store bought pie dough it tasted amazing. Just spectacular after a week with no sweets !

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